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Let me start by explaining what this is all about. Stream of consciousness is writing as your thoughts come to you, not worrying about grammatical errors/punctuation. This was the project assigned to us in class today, with the only rule being that we must write from the perspective of anyone famous from any point in time.

I chose Martin Luther King in his dying seconds.

The legacy I leave is the life I lived a martyr for my cause in a world of ignorance and corruption but I do not blame them for they are my brothers and sisters in the eyes of a higher power siblings who divide themselves by race and then think themselves higher and I ask myself how long will it take how long till this shroud of ignorance dissipates and we can truly be a world of peace and understanding and then I think of the future that I as a dreamer can not dream something that I can not fathom and I wonder what they will strive for in an age of equality and love what will my brethren do who will they become will they recognize the troubles of the past and see the road built upon our aspirations the road we built from the days they considered us less than human nothing more then field niggers as we sought out freedom alas this future is not mine so I leave my hopes my dreams and everything that I am for the future generations I leave this world as I entered it naive hopeful and scared

So um, yeah. Tough to read I know but that’s how these things are written or at least that’s how we were told to.

Probably the most poetic I’m going to get on here.